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Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble October 2019: Review

With the car show season coming to an end, this is why Bicester Heritage’s last Sunday Scramble of the year is one of the most enjoyable gatherings on the calendar.

Magnus Walker Outlaw 911 930 Bicester Heritage
Magnus Walker Outlaw 911 930 Bicester Heritage

About Bicester Heritage

Bicester Heritage is a business park that occupies a former RAF base in Oxfordshire. It’s not just any old business park, however. It only houses businesses of a certain calibre that cater exclusively for classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. The focus is on restoring the site back to its former wartime glory, with period-correct buildings, fittings and well-presented avenues connecting the site. The vision goes even further, with the team behind Bicester Heritage also creating educational and apprenticeship opportunities to ensure that the craft of building and maintaining classics and performance cars is kept alive for future generations.

There's businesses that manufacturer bespoke hand-made car radiators to specialist vehicle storage units, interior upholsterers, race workshops and car sales. If you love classic cars then Bicester Heritage is your spiritual home, you just might not know it yet.

It’s supported not only by the businesses on-site, and events like this, but also with backing from Historic England. In an age whereby car culture sits frustratingly low down the list of priorities when it comes to funding, Bicester Heritage is a real gem.

Sunday Scramble 2019 Review

What I love about Sunday Scramble is you never know what you’re going to find. It’s a lucky dip, and the variety of cars in attendance seems to be growing every year. Sunday Scramble is a real combination of genres and influences.

From six-figure supercars to hotrods, Japanese classics to rare Italian beauties. If you can’t find a car that appeals to your interests at Sunday Scramble, then I’d be questioning if cars are really your thing.

In conclusion, I'll be looking forward to seeing what exotic and interesting automotive classics appear at the 2020 shows. Check out the photos from 2019 in the gallery below, or view the details on the January Scramble, April Scramble or the October Scramble.