Sharing personalised trivia about your pride and joy is now a piece of cake. Thanks to Car Facts Disc founder and classic car enthusiast, Paul Tombs. Paul explains…

“After years of attending owners’ club events and classic car shows, where information about individual cars was patchy at best, and often completely absent, I realised that learning about vehicles was virtually impossible unless you were lucky enough to meet the owner. With Car Facts Disc we have created a really simple method for enthusiasts, like me, to document and share our car facts, and trivia, in a way that allows anyone with a smartphone, standing by the car, to view it quickly and easily”.

Paul Tombs, Car Facts Disc Founder
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The passion behind owning a classic vehicle is naturally fuelled by the enjoyment of sharing stories about it. Whether you race, participate in club events as an exhibitor, or simply enjoy a daily drive, a Car Facts Disc is ideal for you.

Why you need a Car Facts Disc

Designed to mimic the look of the UK’s old paper car tax disc, Car Facts Disc allows you to easily and quickly upload details about your vehicle. You can include it’s restoration journey, along with images, videos and even hire rates, plus availability for film or wedding use. As an option, you can also show if your car is for sale.

The depth and breadth of the information you choose to upload using the online Car Facts Disc portal is entirely up to you. This enables you to create a live chronicle of your vehicle’s unique profile and history, and even, potentially add value by properly documenting its origin.

Once you’ve uploaded your photos and story content, any passer-by, event visitor, or fellow enthusiast that spot the disc in your vehicle’s windscreen, will then simply use their smartphone camera to scan its unique QR code to access that information.

The Car Facts Disc powerful software integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of modern smartphones, making it really simple and fun to use.

Try it for yourself!

If you’re reading this article on a desktop/laptop, simply point your smartphone camera at the QR Code below to scan and view the TR6 details. You can also the following link to view the TR6 car details (which might help if you’re using a mobile).

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Set up your Car Facts Disc

Visit and use our special 10% discount code: FMCS20 to join the growing number of enthusiasts that already use Car Facts Discs to digitally file the stories of their precious vehicles.

The standard downloadable Car Facts Disc costs £17 or, for just £20, you can get the downloadable disc and we’ll send you a fully waterproof Car Facts Disc with a stylish holder in the post.

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