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Mitsubishi UK auction of heritage vehicles & number plates

mitsubishi uk heritage cars

A pristine collection of cool old Mitsubishis are going to auction on April 1st as the brand exits the country. Mitsubishi Motors is selling off its heritage fleet of rare and classic cars as part of the brand’s downsizing in the UK. Everything is going, from its headquarters to a 2001 Lancer Evolution VI Tommi…

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How to run a car show

how to run a car show by audis in the park (photo by Ernest Bocho Bochography)

If you’re contemplating on starting a car show, this post from a well established car show organiser gives some good, simple advice on how to run a car show.

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Car museums you can visit virtually via Google Maps

porsche museum 50 years of 911

The current nationwide lockdown has many serious effects on our day to day lives, but for petrolheads, one of the less important but still painful ones is limiting their enjoyment of all things automotive. Take a stroll around the globe without ever leaving your home. With most of the country and many parts of the world relegated…

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Fathers Day Car Shows

car shows fathers day

Looking for things to do on fathers day? Not sure where to go? Or whats on? What car shows are on fathers day? There are numerous car shows on fathers day, June 18th 2023. Use our list of car shows below and find out which ones are near you in the UK. We’ve compiled a…

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The Dimma 205 is coming back!

dimma 205 308 GTI

DIMMA UK has collaborated with HEAUNIQUE to create Dimma 2020. The car is based on the brand new Peugeot 308 GTI series. This car represents buying a brand new Dimma 205 thirty years on, with all the latest technology and improvements, but retaining the classic originality of a dimma 205. Combining modern technology and features…

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Top 10 UK Car Shows & Events in 2023

players shows players classic

The United Kingdom has a rich car culture that is reflected in the numerous car shows that take place throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for car enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their passion for all things automotive. From classic vehicles to the latest models, these events showcase the very best that…

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