If you’re contemplating on starting a car show, this post from a well established car show organiser gives some good, simple advice on how to run a car show.

“Create an event that ‘you’ would want to attend!
Sounds daft but there is no point in creating an event that you wouldn’t enjoy attending yourself”.

Think about what you like or dislike about events you have attended in the past.

“Think about the elements of that event that worked well and what didn’t and obviously cherry pick the good and try not to incorporate the bad in your own event or tweak them to make them better.”

Treat your visitors how you would like to be treated.

“People support people. If you’re rude and unfair to them, they aren’t going to support you or your event, plain and simple. Bad vibes travel fast on the internet and before you know it, people are boycotting your event based on the view of others. Be fair to people, make them feel welcome and appreciated, after all, without visitors the event fails. These people are paying the bills, be nice, be fair and be welcoming, they will see the differences between you and other shows, they will appreciate these differences and they will return.”

Lead by example

“If you go to other events and you act the fool, handbrake turns, doughnuts etc, then naturally people will assume it’s acceptable at your event. Similar to above, people support people, so if you are an arsehole in public or even on social media, people just ain’t gonna attend your event! It might be the greatest show on earth, but people will just cut there noses off to spite their faces rather than attend your show. Be nice!”

Cuddle everyone (hypothetically).

“Every person that attends your event has made an effort to be there. They have spent hard earned money on the entry tickets, the fuel to get there and even local accommodation/camping. Appreciate them, I call this giving people a cuddle! Make people feel welcome and appreciated, make as much effort as you can to go around and speak to people. Even if it’s a quick ‘Hello, thanks for coming’. 10 seconds of your time, as you are walking around, will mean the world to some people, so don’t hide in the shadows counting the money cos’ the money will soon dry up if you don’t make an effort with your visitors”.

To recap

How to run a car show

Think about what you like or dislike about events you have attended in the past. Lead by example. Cuddle everyone (hypothetically).

Thanks to Calvin at Vorsprung International for these great words of wisdom on how to run a car show. After running Audi’s in the Park for over 11 years, he certainly knows how to make it work and keep visitors coming back year on year, from all over the world!

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