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Supercar Fest 2019: Review

My Supercar Fest 2019 Review

This one day supercar festival showcased the best modern day & classic supercars ever built. Supercar Fest had unrestricted access to the Supercar Paddock, therefore giving full access to cars and drivers and no fenced-off restricted areas.

It was great to mingle with friends and chat with the supercar owners. However, for some lucky few, they even got a passenger ride! I watched the supercars in action on the famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb as they blasted up the track. Sometimes ear plugs needed to be at the ready for some very exclusive hypercar and motorsport demonstration runs.

Lamborghini Aventador orange leather seats at Supercar Fest, Shelsley Walsh

The venue

Hidden in the Worcester hills, Shelsley Walsh offered fantastic views to see the supercars climbing the hill.

Shelsley Walsh is the oldest motorsport venue in the world still using its original course. The start line, the corners and the views make it a jewel in the crown of hill climbing.

The Experience

The quality of cars was exceptional! Firstly, there were lots of expensive supercars, from Lamborghini's to Porsches and secondly, a tasty looking Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Tag Heuer Edition!

In addition to the incredible supercars tackling the Shelsley Walsh hill, there was a Classic and Sports Car Show. This is where entrants had the opportunity to win many different awards. The four classes in the show were pre 75, pre 90, pre 2010 and modern.

Aside from the cars, there were a few trade stands, plus various places to grab something to eat and drink. This was either around the side of the track, or in the main courtyard, where there was a Gin bar and a live band played through until 10pm.

VIP guests got to enjoy the best seats in the house from the Stratstone Enclosure, which gave  access to a private grandstand, boasting excellent views of the track action. Furthermore, VIP attendees experienced spectacular hospitality, with fine food and drink served in the private grounds of the Stratstone cottages, right next to the start line and all the action.

A huge turnout, lovely weather and a variety of magnificent cars resulted in a fantastic event. In conclusion, i'll be looking forward to seeing what Supercar Fest can do for 2020, both at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb and the another venue for 2020, Supercar Fest: The Runway. Check out the photos from 2019 in the gallery below, or view the details on Supercar Fest: The Hill for 2020.